Always coming home

Turned away from gated garden closing time in Old Town
Sunday afternoon we went toward the water to wander

Bridges over and underpasses trains cars bicycles geese
Passengers ambulators whir of wheels on grated steel
Concrete echoes always coming home

Bridgetown February in the city of roses under naked branched
Cherry blossom trees calyxed working waiting for Spring

Lonely long distance watchers of inner and outer space sitting upon
Park benches stair steps lost in the labyrinth of the body of the
City’s mind spirit soul always coming home

Stereo screech tone poem of steel on steel train wheel
Turning on tracks cars coupled pushing pulling clunking clacking
Rubber on the road truck wheels rumbling jack brakes grumbling traffic
Melting into evening geese and crow song underfoot overhead always coming home

Twenty-first century Dharma bum encampment two small boats green canoe blue rubber raft
Pulled ashore nestled on the rocks between walkways and highways river and sky
Pristinely tattered tidy tents gentle sweet smoke fire flicker barely visible amid
Well built wall a circular cairn of salvaged stones always coming home

All is well and unwell a swell amongst graffiti proclamations written on
Walks and walls calling out to Heaven evidence left of
Struggle to Be
Always coming home

Redeem Yourself in Christ Our Savior
All Cops Are Bastards Protect Trans Youth
Women Life Freedom
Say Their Names
Make Love

Always Coming Home

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